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6. Focus questions: Risks of being online

March 11, 2008

photo-48x48.png What do you know about the risks associated with being online? What fears do you have? How are the issues of privacy, security and copyright related? Have you heard of ‘Creative Commons’? How safe to do you think your students’ current online behaviour is? How safe do you think your own current online behaviour is? (You might be suprised … how hard do you think it is for a dodgy type to find out your mother’s maiden name?) Is what you know based on evidence, research and reasoning, or just gut feeling?

5. Focus questions: Assessing students’ work

March 11, 2008

photo-48x48.png How do you currently assess students’ work? Will that change in the blogging environment or is what you’re looking for still the same? Will you have to assess new things, such as website design or succinctness of student posts?

4. Focus questions: Educational design

March 11, 2008

photo-48x48.pngWhat educational design process do you normally go through when starting up a new course or class topic? Can this be effectively transferred or modified to the blogging context? How important to you is the instructional design process? What are your strengths when it comes to designing education for your students? Where do you typically fall down? What do you need to know more about?

3. Focus questions: Using blogs

March 8, 2008


Now that you’ve looked at some blogs in the Blogging in education module, start thinking about how teachers have been using blogs in terms of professional communication, class management and education: What sorts of announcements, thoughts or information are posted and in what context (communication, assessment, class assignments … )? What do you need to know more about?

2. Focus questions: Benefits of blogging

March 8, 2008

photo-48x48.png Given that you now know something about the ‘blogging interface’ from the What is a blog module, what do you anticipate the educational benefits of blogging to be in terms of 1) pedagogy, and 2) classroom management? What does blogging force the student to do in terms of writing? Thinking? Communicating? What is it about blogging that might appeal to students? Can using a blog interface make your life easier in the classroom? How would you use blogs to communicate with parents and students? How would you use a blog to run a class or course?

1. Focus questions: What do you know about blogs?

March 8, 2008

photo-48x48.png What do you know about blogs? In what context have you heard them discussed? (On the wireless? Your kids or workmates have mentioned them? Maybe you know someone who blogs …) Have you ever read a blog? Why do people blog? What do you need to know more about?